Web Design

We take great care and pride in the overall appearance, navigability, and integrity of your site. No words are misspelled, no graphics are out of place, no notices that your viewers should download a different browser or adjust their screen width to view your site. We will create a web site for you that is unique in its appearance, fluent in its message, aesthetically pleasing, and well-worth the cost. Our aim is to give you the most attractive site on the Internet.


The sites we design are usually not on the technical "cutting edge," simply because we want to keep our clients in the most marketable position possible on the Internet today.


We prefer not to use technology that the average viewer won't be able to see. Sure, we can put dancing bears on the top of your screen, and even make them turn somersaults if you like. These "tricks," however, are costly in both browser compatibility and time taken to download your site. Most viewers, (your prospective customers), will not wait even minutes for a site to load. If you want the dancing bears, just say so, we will give them to you, but we will advise you honestly and candidly of the cost to your market.


There are, of course, many exciting things that we can incorporate into your site using javascripts to differentiate the browsers, and then render the browser-appropriate package to the viewer. We will aggressively seek to maximize your site, without over-extending your budget or locking out a large piece of your market.


During the entire design process, we keep in mind that you are here to sell your product or service. In our experience, we have found that an eye-catching site sells, and therefore thats what we aim, with your help, to achieve.




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