Maintenance is an often overlooked necessity of any web site. Not unlike your "real life" store, you cannot just build a web site and let it run itself. If you have links, they must be routinely verified to be sure they are still valid. You need to check frequently to see where you are in the search engines, and make adjustments when necessary. If your site has news, or dated material, you need to keep it current. About the only thing worse than no web site at all, is one that is stale in appearance. If your "What's New at Our Place" has not been updated since Netscape introduced the general public to Internet browsing, your site is stale... and might well be considered dead.


Maintaining a web site is relatively inexpensive and indispensable to protect your initial investment.


We offer maintenance ranging from minimal (verifying links, checking search engine status, and updates as needed) to on-demand (text and graphics changes daily if needed). Some of this you could do yourself, of course, but before you decide to do this, be sure you understand the time and commitment involved in the process. Site maintenance is part of what we do, and we do it well.



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